2017 Creative Interns.

Our creative interns are the heartbeat of Marion Design Co. With experience consisting in visual communication design, social impact and peacemaking design, digital design, photography, illustration, marketing, strategic communication, and business administration and finance, our interns pack a dynamic punch ready to take on all social problems; big and small. Get to know them, stop by and say hello!

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Caleb Baker
Business Admin: Finance Intern

Caleb is a young professional and graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University and double majored in Accounting and Finance. Caleb has held various positions of leadership in his time and operates with an entrepreneurial mindset. His preferred outlet for giving back to the community is by way
of encouraging successful business with a focus on finance. Someday day, Caleb aspires to be a partner at an accounting firm that leaves a lasting
impact in the community its in.

Micayla Christensen
Marketing Intern

Micayla is an exercise and food enthusiast who enjoys the simple things in
life. You can find her listening to Frank Sinatra with an iced coffee in hand.
She is always ready for a new adventure and is on the look-out for others to share these experiences with. Micayla loves unique ideas, Marion Design Co. and the unique lives that it reaches. She is thrilled to be working alongside so
many talented interns and is ready to make this summer a great adventure
for our community.

Lauren Dafoe
Visual Art Intern: Photography

Lauren is a recent graduate of Indiana Wesleyan with a degree in
Photography. Originally from northern New York, Indiana has become a
home to her – making this her 4th year living in the Marion area.  She loves people, new places, and beautiful food. Doubling as a lifestyle wedding and food photographer, her weekends are always packed with an adventure. A former member of the National Youth Choir, Lauren also enjoys singing at open mics and jamming in the car with friends.

Annie Garcia
Copy & Strat Com Intern

Annie is a driven Public Relations and Spanish major with a passion for music entertainment. Nothing fuels her more than committed individuals who work towards honing their craft to its fullest potential. Along with a background
in illustration, Annie looks for every opportunity where her bread and butter meet. A Marion, Indiana native for 10 years, she is dedicated to seeing her community prosper and will work ceaselessly to unveil the beauty of her hometown. She is a recovering procrastinator, an unashamed homebody,
her life coincides with Hot Rod quotes, is convinced her heartbeat is tuned
in drop A, and was once left behind at a London train station.

Micah Hamsher
Graphic Design Intern

Micah is a music, art, and fashion enthusiast who does graphic design in that order. He has a passion for people that transcends even his own understanding and he is so thrilled to be a part of this team. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can find Micah working on projects for Marion Design Co. while simultaneously sneaking in too much food.


Sophia Hawkins
Graphic Design Intern

Sophia Hawkins is a self-motivated perfectionist who is sensitive to the
little things. This is both in the physical, through design, but also in the interpersonal sense. She loves getting to know people on a deeper level
and loves understanding what makes a person unique. Working as a graphic design intern at Marion Design Co. has provided Sophia the opportunity to work in an environment where her skills and passions can help make
Marion a better place.

Rebecca Hoskins
Graphic Design Intern

Rebecca is an introvert, tea lover, and avid fantasy book reader who loves
to dream and imagine. She is curious about everyone and everything, and she loves to find beauty in the world around her. Despite her quiet nature she thinks that humans are the coolest thing to exist. She enjoys the company of other people and partaking in the wonder that is a community. Rebecca hopes to use design to build people up and bring them together, and is excited to be taking a place in the community of Marion this summer.

Moriah McReynolds
Visual Art Intern: Illustration

Moriah McReynolds is an incoming senior at Indiana Wesleyan University
and studies illustration. She is the Teaching Assistant for Dr. Ron Mazellan,
the division chair of the art department, and is always willing to help
wherever it is needed. Moriah is very passionate about the future of Marion and is thrilled to be illustrating for Marion Design Co. In addition to her love
of illustration, Moriah also enjoys reading, animated movies, getting to know people, and sharing their stories. In the future, Moriah hopes to use her
talents as an illustrator to lift up, empower, and educate the people in
Marion by sharing their stories.

Jalen Moore
Digital Design Intern

Jalen is a strong believer that through hard work and determination almost anything is possible.  By means of UX/UI and Motion Design, he passionately brings the 2D to life.  Living in Marion the past four years Jalen is glad to be back at MDCo for a 2nd year and working for the people of his community. When he’s not pushing keyframes or writing lines of HTML & CSS, you can
find him at the local game shop or long-boarding the streets jamming
out to some tunes.

Peter Troutner
Graphic Design Intern

Peter loves to find beauty in the everyday occurrences from the light
reflecting off windows to the interplay of shadows on manmade structures.
He is passionate about using design to develop and strengthen communities and bring reconciliation to divided groups. Since coming to Marion from Ohio he has realized the importance of smaller communities such as Marion and how individuals can contribute and play important roles in those communities in ways that larger communities do not allow.

Dani Welty
Placemaking Design Intern

Dani is a Design for Social Impact major who believes in the value of design. She’s a fun-loving adventurer who takes risks and never turns down a new opportunity. Dani is an optimist who loves to find the beauty in unexpected places and as the placemaking design intern at Marion Design Co., Dani hopes to find new and creative ways to bring more life to the Marion community.