Meet the Team.

Our creative interns are the heartbeat of Marion Design Co. Through their unique culture of collaboration and risk-taking, they foster both empathy and synergy to make a positive and lasting impact in Marion. With experience ranging in Social Impact Design, Place and Space Design, Graphic Design, Visual Art, Branding/Identity development, Strategic Communication, our interns are ready to take on the unknown. This group works hard and laughs harder while using their deep and wide variety of skills to serve the people of Marion.

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Luke Anspach
Co-Founder and Senior Digital Designer

Luke Anspach is an Instructor of Design in the Division of Art + Design at Indiana Wesleyan University. A creative director, digital designer, and brand strategist with a focus on user experience, user interface, and digital brand design, much of his work deals with tourism, economic development, and community-based entities. Since starting his professional practice in 2008, Luke has worked on national and international award-winning projects.

In 2012, Luke founded The Guild, an organization based in Redlands, California, that builds community between creatives by providing connecting points. In 2015, he co-founded Marion Design Co, a community-based creative studio with an emphasis on positive social impact in the City of Marion, Indiana. The studio is primarily made up of local professional volunteers and student interns.

When not teaching or working, Luke travels around the world exploring and studying cultures, backpacking through wilderness, and connecting people.


Herb Vincent Peterson
Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer

Herb Vincent Peterson is an award-winning multidisciplinary creative director, design researcher, and educator. With a background in strategic branding and social design practices, Peterson’s research lies at the intersection of community and design pedagogy aimed to bring sustainable change in rural America. He has been able to work with a variety of towns and cities, universities and colleges, to the wide spectrum of not-for-profit organizations and major retail companies, ranging from Guggenheim Museum, The Wexner Center for the Arts, Gap Inc (Old Navy, Gap), Kroger Super Markets, Indianapolis Arts Council, Urban Outfitters, and many more! Among other things, Peterson filled the role of executive director of Open and Build, a not-for-profit design network that was originally started in Columbus Ohio in 2009.

A passionate educator and education activist, Peterson co-founded Marion Design Co in 2016 with the aim to help the community of Marion connect to sustainable and impact driven design. Peterson has taught design and fine art to numerous students at universities including, Herron School of Art and Design, Ohio Dominican University, The Ohio State University, and Indiana Wesleyan University where he is an associate professor and coordinator of the Graphic Design program. Peterson holds a BFA from Herron School of Art and Design where he studied Photography and Visual Communication Design, an MFA emphasizing in interdisciplinary research, focusing visual design and education from The Ohio State University, and currently is working on a Doctorate in Design at North Carolina State University in the College of Design.


Wendy Puffer
Co-Founder & Chief Placemaking Officer

Wendy Puffer is a social designer and registered interior designer whose career is grounded in the belief that design can change people's lives. She is passionate about teaching students the importance of faith integration as designers. Her knowledge of the field of design and passion for working with college students is grounded in over 17 years experience conducting her own design business and 34 years training and instructing undergraduates.

The communication of what is seen and unseen (future design possibilities) is what energizes possibilities and new methods of functioning. When designing, whether it be in the context of environmental design, spatial planning, work or family interaction, way-finding, interior design, graphics, or the multiple other platforms of design, Wendy is thinking of people through every stage of inspiration, ideation, and implementation.

Wendy's reason for creating stems from how she views design as a way to serve people. Wendy revels in a healthy balance of good design and personal preference supported by a fulcrum of truth. She has experience working collaboratively with clients on projects ranging from community design to interior design and regularly involves students and graduates in design projects.


Henrik Soderstrom
Chief Ideation Designer and Making Coordinator

Henrik Soderstrom is an artist, designer, and idea enthusiast. Raised in Rochester, NY by an exuberant Californian and a Swedish visionary, he grew up sanding historic floorboards and eating green peppers like apples from the vegetable garden. 

After absorbing inspiration and general excitement about life at the Rhode Island School of Design, he went on to work with Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Project, designing the set for their production of Leyli & Majnun, which opened in 2009 at the Lincoln Center in New York, and creating album artwork for their Grammy-nominated recording Off the Map.

Henrik has enjoyed collaborating with the Society for Freshwater Science, the Music of Difference Project (designing the artwork for their Grammy-nominated album), the Knights Orchestra, the Attacca Quartet, Thomas Warfield, and FuturPointe dance to produce shows and performances. He has been an artist-in-residence with I-Park Enclave, Stonecry, and the Julia and David White Artist Colony, and the Roger Tory Peterson Institute, and now lives in Indiana with his brilliant wife Dottie, where they both teach at Indiana Wesleyan University.


Sophia Hawkins
Graphic Design Intern

Sophia is a self-motivated perfectionist, dedicated to making a difference in the world around her. Whether it be organizing, talking with friends about their struggles, or finding solutions to problems, she has always wanted to help make things better. Graphic Design has become the avenue in which all her skills and desires can be brought together for a focused purpose in her life. Marion Design Co. has been that purpose in the past year in which she has grown to love the City of Marion as her own. Through collaboration with designers, students, and community members, she has witnessed Marion’s incredible growth stemming from a place of sincere hope and vision. She hopes to continue to be a part of this revitalization throughout her senior year, and likely the years to follow with Marion as her home after college.


Matthew Jackson
Graphic Design Intern

Matthew is considered by many an old soul in a college body as his hobbies include bird watching, back pain and always listening to classical music. You will most likely find him creating designs on a computer, with a movie in the background while eating ramen. When you don't see him behind a computer, you'll probably find him with his headphones on dancing as if no one is watching even though everyone is watching. He thrives on whimsy and aspires to encourage others the same way the town of Marion inspires him.


Sara Krock
Graphic Design Intern

Sara is a Graphic Design major who loves getting to know what an individual is passionate about. She believes every person has a skill set different than her own, and that she can learn something valuable from them by watching them work or talking to them about what they do- even if she doesn’t understand it. She enjoys being able to see stuff from a new perspective and understanding why someone thinks differently than she does. When she is not doing design work, you will most likely find her doing something outside (most likely running or hammocking), offering a sarcastic comment, or laughing at your jokes. While working as an intern, she looks forward to uncovering more of the beauty that lies within Marion and empowering the community through design.


Charissa Pierre
Marketing and Copy & Strategy Intern

Charissa is a driven, dedicated and compassionate dreamer entering her senior year at IWU.  A family-oriented individual passionate about diversity, spreading kindness, and serving those around her, she is a firm believer in people and enjoys hearing people’s stories. Charissa is a Strategic Communication major with a minor in Theatre, who has yet to figure out her career path and spirit animal but is open to suggestions. With interests in music, theatre, poetry, dance, traveling, and talking about the Enneagram, she will gladly take any Broadway tickets off your hands. She hopes to use her personable and professional skills to make a positive and lasting impact in Marion this summer.


Tim Swanson
Graphic Design Intern

Tim is interested in what the past has to offer as valuable insight into what our future could be. Design has not always been his passion, but he has come to realize it as a tool through which he is able to help solve issues in the world around him. The stories of the past inspire him to help others through his own story. Experiencing all that the world has to offer is what really captures his interest, whether it be through hobbies, traveling, or music. Music is a big part of his life as he is drawn to its emotional outlet both for himself and for those listening to his performance. Music and design may seem like very different things, but to him they are connected through the empathy displayed in both their creation and experience. His goal is to capture this shared human experience to both connect with others and work alongside the City of Marion to create a more hopeful community.


Yeabsera Tabb
Placemaking Intern

Yeabi is a compassionate, creative, innovative, and teachable individual who loves to use her artistic gifts to serve others. She believes that genuine and meaningful relationships are created by listening and understanding perspectives outside of one’s own. She is driven by the empowering and transforming aspect of design. Yeabi believes that for change to occur through design, there needs to be a constant movement of expanding perspectives. As a Place-Making Design intern, she hopes to create a space that not only empowers people, but where stories, relationships, and listening are valued. Yeabi is not afraid to try new things and is constantly learning and listening. Along with art, Yeabi loves music and learning new things such as the ukulele, longboarding, and crocheting.


Grace Turner
Marketing and Placemaking Intern 

Grace is fascinated by people’s stories, and what those stories collectively mean for the present and future of a community. Spoken word is the medium she uses to tell her own story-but give her a glimpse into yours and she’ll be all ears. Grace is an advocate for Arab hospitality influenced by her home in The UAE. This may also be where her love of cars was born. Majoring in Strategic Communication with a minor in Graphic Design, she’s excited about learning how to merge the two fields. She’s excited to use her maximizer and ideation strengths in a proactive way for the city of Marion this summer..


Grace Woodard
Visual Art and Graphic Design Intern

Grace is passionate about people, their stories, and their motivations. An Indiana resident for twenty years, she cares deeply about small-town stories and citizens. Grace considers individuality to be a key aspect of community, so intrepidly she infuses her own unique spark into everything she wears, says, or does. As such, she enjoys listening to electronic music while building tree houses. Grace appreciates how design can create flourishing and vibrant communities, and in the future, she hopes to use both design and art to challenge and encourage people across the globe. Grace is excited to be working, serving, and learning from the community of Marion this summer.