2019 Marion Made Market.

November 16, 2019 | 11:00 am - 5:00 pm | Boston Hill Center | Downtown Marion

A new craft bazaar experience. . .We have several new, exciting changes for this year’s bazaar that we believe will strengthen your experience, broaden your customer base, and enhance the sustainability of the market. Fill out the 2019 Registration below and stay tuned to updates and further information!

This years bazaar will be moved from the IWU Student Center to Marion’s downtown Boston Hill Center (www.bostonhillcenter.com). Our hope is that we’ll gain a broader audience of visitors by taking it into the city, and open an exciting opportunity for students to come downtown to purchase your products. We’ll provide a free shuttle for students to easily travel downtown along with restaurant resources and other amenities.

Rather than renting a table, you’ll be renting a space 8’x4’ (enough space for a 6’ table with 1’ on each side). This year you are not required to use our tables. You’re welcome to use your own tables to fit in the space. IWU is able to deliver 36 -- 6’ tables and 20 -- 8’ tables to the Boston Hill Center ready to go. The tables will be available on a first come first serve basis. Once those tables are reserved, spaces will continue to be available but you will need to bring your own table. If you don’t have your own resources, we will do all we can to get a table for you. The earlier you register, the higher chance you have of getting the table size you prefer. The $25 fee applies to all registrations. You may also reserve more than one space and will be charged per 8’x4’ space. The only expense you will incur from us is the fee for the space. You get to keep all of your sales profits!


2019 Registration

Name *
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Please indicate what you intend to sell at your table. You may include a general description and examples of specific items that may be included:
Vendor Space Preferences
Each space purchased is approximately 8’x4’ (accommodates a 6’ table with a 1’ space around it). A limited number of 6’ and 8’ tables are available and are included in the price of the space. Two chairs are also provided. # of spaces requested (1 space per table. If two 6’ or 8’ tables will be utilized, the fee would be $50 for two spaces).
Do you need us to provide a Table?
*If no tables are available in the size requested when you register, we will reserve the space for you and inform you by email that you will need to provide the display table. The rental fee will remain the same.
(ie. Is there another vendor you would like to be placed near? If so, both parties should request the preference). Preferences will be strongly considered but logistics may impact the final location. We will work to comply with your preferences. The table arrangement is determined on a first-come/ first-serve basis. The earlier you register, the more likely you are to receive your spatial and table preferences. We will attempt to accommodate everyone’s preferences but there are no guarantees.
Registration will be final once payment is received. Payment Amount: # spaces = $ ________ total fee. Please Make Checks Payable to Indiana Wesleyan University Please send payment to: Wendy Puffer Indiana Wesleyan University 4201 S. Washington Marion, IN 46953 Include the name of the person who reserved the space in the memo line. You will be sent a confirmation email when we receive your registration fee.
Contract for Marion Made Market
The Marion Made Market to be held on November 16 , 2019 is a fundraiser sponsored by the Marion Design Co and 1920’s Gallery at Indiana Wesleyan University. The non-refundable fee for renting a table will help fund events for the campus and community sponsored by Marion Design Co. and the IWU 1920’s Gallery of the organization. I understand that the table preference I request may not be the preference I receive. The money you receive from customers will be your profit to keep. Profits made at the market cannot be guaranteed. Advertising will be done to the best ability to the organization to encourage customers from the community and campus, but Marion Design Co. and 1920’s Gallery is not responsible for the selling of the items at your table. There can be no retail items sold at the tables. You cannot resell items at your table for an equal or different price than you purchased them at a retail store. Items sold at the table must abide by the policies of the Indiana Wesleyan University. No inappropriate paraphernalia will be sold and Indiana Wesleyan University has the right to remove items deemed inappropriate or in conflict with the policies of Indiana Wesleyan University. If you are not sure what qualifies as inappropriate, please refer to the student handbook at the Indiana Wesleyan University website. www.indwes.edu If you plan on selling homemade food items, you must abide by the guidelines of the Grant County Health Department. If you have any questions about this, please refer to the county’s website. www.grantcounty.net
I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the Marion Made Market, assuming full responsibility of items sold and profits made.

Other Information

The Marion Made Market is on November 16th from 11am-5pm

Registration and table setup at the Boston Hill Center begins at 9:30 am. Check in at the registration table on site to receive your space location.

A raffle will be conducted during the day similar to what has occurred in the past. You will receive further information when you receive your registration confirmation email.

 Please email mariondesignco@gmail.comfor any further questions


The Boston Hill Center
428 South Washington Street
Marion, IN 46953