McConn Coffee Co.

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McConn Coffee Co. has been serving the Indiana Wesleyan University students and faculty since it began as “Common Grounds” in 1996. In 2002 the business moved from McConn Hall and into the Barnes Student Center, placing it in now the most trafficked space on the entire campus. Since it’s small beginnings as an opportunity for undergraduate business majors to receive experience, the coffee shop has grown to serving the thousands of students, staff, faculty, and visitors of Indiana Wesleyan.

This logomark is derived from a love for community, a foundation in a Christ-centered university and investment in their history and growth. McConn Coffee Co. has a wide target audience—from current to potential students, parents, faculty, and many more—yet there are commonalities between them. What is that vein that pulls each customer to McConn? Is it their favorite kind of Fresh Brew or a Thin Mint Avalanche? This difference, while it may seem small, is rather important to building a brand.

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The commonality was found in a tie into McConn history and architecture. This discovered path brought out the warmth and richness of our familiar coffee shop while highlighting the relationships McConn is remembered for. The quatrefoil has been such a large part of the Christian story and now it continues to tell a story at McConn.