Mercantile 37

We worked with Mercantile 37 to help build their visual identity and help propel the launching of their new business.

M37 Guidelines 33.jpg

Co-founders Nick and J.R. Roudebush approached us with their idea to create an identity system for their new store Mercantile 37. After having successful online stores on Etsy, the father-son duo wanted to have a showroom to showcase their handmade light fixtures and tables while also partnering with other Makers in the Central Indiana area. Housed in the old Wheeler’s Restaurant building on State Road 37, Mercantile 37 wanted to revive this building and continue its legacy.


The project began by interviewing Nick and J.R. to hear what their vision was for their business. Following their interview, we began the visualization process of how the identity would feel. We drew inspiration from vintage hand-lettering on signs, cars, and windows as well as industrial handmade furniture. These images helped capture the essence of Mercantile 37 to be rustic, industrial, vintage, quality, and custom.

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The final mark brings the old into the new with the “37” mark along with their bold color palette, and type treatment. Through a combination of these, we arrived at a mark and style that appeals to people who want to shop locally, bring a warm sense of a rustic, industrial, country where the shop is located. We worked to create an identity that would reflect the history of the building they opened their store in and that would work well across all touchpoints.

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