Teach Abroad China

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China 2018_DSC08205_TWC.jpg

Indiana Wesleyan University came to us with a goal of wanting to go beyond borders in order to educate and inspire those eager to become teachers through a mission called Teach Abroad China. The vision of Teach Abroad China is to cultivate passion, discovery, and opportunity through educating others. The program sends students to China to teach English as a second language, gaining invaluable experience and creating memories.

The challenge of creating a mark that will be represented outside of the American culture is making sure it will not be offensive within the Chinese culture. Throughout the design process, we met with people who are extremely educated on Chinese culture and helped direct us through the project.


The experiences and memories were the driving force to the visualization of bridges. Bridges act as a connection point between two places, and that is at the heart of Teach Abroad China. Teach Abroad China is a connection point between Marion, IN, and China. Combining Teach Abroad’s mission along with Chinese culture and history allowed us to create a mark that encompassed these ideas.

The final mark is inspired by Chinese culture, specifically, Chinese bridges, knots, and lattice. The colors palette was influenced by the Chinese New Year celebration and the bright, bold colors of the outfits worn.